About Dean

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Dean & i'm a small business owner called Laser Engraving Gifts based in the beautiful rural village of Anstey in Leicestershire. 

Over the years i've also created artwork for both private commissions & various businesses. Creating gifts is my passion.


 I'm a very diverse artist & designer, I didn't start out until I was 30 years old of which left a full time job to study to become an artist & designer. I've now worked as a freelance artist & designer for 18 years & my key artworks usually involve my favourite laser technology & engraving techniques mixed with screen printing & sublimation on some products. 

As I started art at the age of 30 I really encourage anyone to go for their goals in life. I've collated an A level in fine art in 1999, 2000 a distinction in Foundation in Art & Design, 2.1 Illustration Visual Communication 2004 including a Masters degree in Art & Design in 2005.

If it wasn't for having amazing parents my ambitions may never of happened & I am truly indebted to my them for putting up with my life longs ambition of becoming a creative business. I've still not made it yet but i've seen so much in my life as that leap of faith at the age of 29 has made me who I am today. 

Loving my job is the best thing in life, for me is being able to wake up in the morning looking forward to going into work & working on anything creative whether that's designing my own online products or educating others how to express themselves through creativity.

I know what it's like to do the same job day everyday & encourage anyone to go for their dreams as I did.

 I am currently looking at my brand image, sustainability including the environment is something which I have always been interested in implementing throughout my business. Currently i'm working on using ethical materials as I hope in the future my products can be created with having less impact on the worlds resources.  

My work has a real personal touch, I design each piece of artwork to be personalised for each individual customer. It could be a personalised message, different design or something quite unique to you.

I would like to say lastly I am also really appreciate of my long term girlfriends contributions to my creative business & yes Monica your ideas have helped my online businesses grow & I thank you for opening my eyes.

Feedback from our customers regarding orders including everything I create is truly valued.  Please do get in touch at sdesigns@gmx.co.uk with any feedback, suggestions, comments or just to say hi!

 Kind Regards


 Below are some organisations I work with regularly

1.Mowmacre Playground - I've been the lead artist for over 10 years -https://www.mowmacreplayground.org
2. Uneek Learning - D&T lead for over 6 years 
3. Bad Manners - Design & Manufacture of merchandising for over 7 years
4.Rock Art Screen Print